5 Quick Tips About Microsoft Office 2016/2013 For Student

Microsoft office is one of the best product from Microsoft. Most of the windows users use Microsoft office products for their office, home, professional and to much other uses. Now too many mac users also start installing Microsoft office. Microsoft office provides the best solution for students for making a presentation, word files, sheets, charts, database, mail services and too many other services. Before going on 5 Quick Tips About Microsoft Office 2016/2013 For Student let me explain what is Microsoft office.

Microsoft is the all in one office solution which provides a large number of products and service to make our life easy. Some of the office products are:-

Office 365 Home
Office 365 Personal
Office for students
Office Home & Student
Office Home & Business
Office Professional
You can use any service from these huge number of office products. For students I will recommend you Office Home & Student. Office Home & Student 2016 is the complete pack for student solutions.Office Home & Student include Word 2016, Excel 2016, PowerPoint 2016, and One Note 2016 and also 1 TB Microsoft One drive storage to store your files, presentation, sheets on the cloud.
After this large description on Microsoft office, we can say that office plays very important role in our student life. So let me tell you 5 Quick Tips About Microsoft Office 2016/2013 For Student you can perform very batter in your class and wow your classmate and teacher.

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5 Quick Tips About Microsoft Office 2016/2013 For Student

Here are some tips you can only apply in the Microsoft office 2016. So I will highly recommend you to download office 2016.

This article is going to be very large because Microsoft office is very important software for students. So I want to focus on each important topics which are important for every student.

1: Create PDF file in Microsoft Word

This is nice features of office. Many of us uses a particular software to convert or make a PDF file. There are inbuilt features in every office product. For creating PDF file in Microsoft office Follow these steps:-

  1. Open Microsoft word and type your document.
  2. Click on save file.
  3. Select PDF in save as type:
  4. Finally, save that document.

Word will directly save that document in PDF file. When you will open that file will open as PDF.

Convert word into pdf


2. Edit or open PDF file in word

We know that we can’t edit any PDF file in Microsoft word directly. Many peoples uses particular software for editing PDF file also. You can directly open PDF into Microsoft word. For Editng or open PDF in Microsoft word follow these step:-

  1. Right click on file which you want to open or edit
  2. Select open with
  3. Select word (don’t select adobe reader or other)

edit pdf in word

By applying these steps your PDF will directly open in the word you can edit very easily and convert to PDF again.

Note:- If you will save that file directly without changing the format then that file will be saved in Microsoft word document format. You have to select PDF in save as type to save that document in PDF format.

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3. Get data in excel direct from websites

If we are searching for any topic on the web in which we want to make a chart or excel sheet. For example, let’s consider we are searching for “10 most populous countries” and we want to make a sheet in excel.

Normally we have to put every data in excel which is very time-consuming. What will we do when we have to make 100-200 columns of the chart? You can also copy and paste direct from the website but that will look very ugly or many data will not be inserted you have to do again and again. As a student, we want to do everything perfect.

Excel provides the feature of inserting data direct from web. For getting data direct for website follow these step:

  1. Copy the link of the URL from the website.Insert data from website to excel.
  2. Open excel sheet and  select data.
  3. Now select new query and then select From other sources
  4. Then select from the web and enter the URL wait for fetching data from a website.Direct data from web in excel
  5.  Now select that data you want to insert and click on edit.

Now your complete chat will directly insert into your excel sheet. You can easily edit that chart.

4. Work together in group

If you are working on any project in a group. Microsoft office provides feature to work together in the group. In which you can work on a document like word excel powerpoint etc. You can easily make document together in group Here are steps which will explain to you how to work together in group in office:-

  1. First of all open any file that you want to share with your friend and click on share button.
  2. For sharing your document before you have to save that document in the cloud.
  3. Click on save to cloud then select shared document and save it.
  4. Invite people on the document by entering their email address.
  5. Select whether they can edit or only view.
  6. Type a short note and now you are done.

share word document in group

 You can edit that document in a group at the same time. Which will save your time.

5. Insert maths equation or symbols easily

Inserting maths equation or symbols in word excel or powerpoint is also one headache. With Microsoft office, you can easily equation or symbols. If your equation is not there you can make your own very easily.For inserting maths, equations in word follow these steps. These steps are also applied on excel and powerpoint:-

  1. Open word and click on the insert for inserting the symbols and equation.
  2. Click on the equation. You can type your equation or insert existing equations.
  3. For inserting existing equation click on an equation from the right side.

Now you can type your equation by using large numbers of symbols and keyboard.

These were the 10 Quick Tips About Microsoft Office 2016/2013 For Student


Microsoft office comes with the rich set of function. These functions make our presentations, documents or sheet very useful and functional. Covering all function in one article is not possible. I will cover more topic in next articles. Please follow use on social media to regular updates.

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