Hello World from Infohax….

I’m too much excited and passionate about Infohax. I’m a computer engineering students at gujarat technological university. I’m very passionate about technology, gadgets, software and much more. I spend my free time in learning new things and getting information. I love technology and always want to share my knowledge with world. I learn most things by myself.

I love programing languages. I have a deep knowledge of c, c++ and java. I sit 14-16 hours in a day in front of my laptop on holidays. Technology is my passion. My thought is If you don’t share your knowledge, that knowledge is weast.

Infohax is my first website. is tech blog site based on technology blog tricks and much more. Infohax will provide you various information on gadgets, useful applications, software in all the platform like windows, linux, android, mac.

I want  my career in web-development, Blogging and internet marketing. I love gadgets and solving problem related to it. This is also my hobby.

I want to share my knowledge with you and the world. My new journey is going to be start in web development. Wish me good luck on social site. I’m working a lot on this website. I will always add valuable articles and content on infohax.

You should hire me?

I will always love to work with you on digital marketing, web designing and development, wordpress website designing, blogging, managing blogs and much more. My eagerness and passion to work on your company may be the key to do my job well and to show my skill set. I will give you my honesty and loyalty to your company. And the assurance to meet your expectations and giving you a high quality of service.

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Thank you..