How to create easily secure password & easily remember

A password is very important part of our virtual and social life. We daily use lots of passwords to protect our accounts on social media, online shopping site, banking sites even for lock our devices. It’s very hard to remember lots of passwords. Everyone wants to create password secure & easily remember. Sometimes we create a secure password and forgot that  password next day.

 create a strong password that's easy to remember

Why creating password secure is important

There are lots of hacking cases because of the small and easy password. Even Mark Zuckerberg’s twitter password was “dadada” which was cracked by a group. Means even his password is also not protected. Many people’s daily try to guess your password. Everyone knows making easy password can’t be good for our virtual or social life. But remembering lost of passwords is also one Headache. Then how to create password strong and easy to remember. Here I will not make any hard password. I will explain the method to create a strong password which will be easy to remember.

What make password super secure

Here I will explain a method to generate secure and easy password for any site. Let me first explain what make a password strong and secure. Here are some criteria which make password strong don’t worry you don’t have to remember it.

  1. The password should have at least 8 characters.
  2. It should contain at least 1 special character like ! @ # $ % & *.
  3. It should contain any numeric value.
  4. It should not be any dictionary word.
  5. It should not be related to your identity.


How to create password secure & easily remember

Following above characteristics password making a password strong and easy to remember is not easy. So here is the awesome method to create password strong and easy to remember.

Steps to create password secure & easily remember

Just remember one 4-6 line word e.g. True Love Never Dies.

  1.         Put the first character of  every word e.g. T for True L for Love N for never and   for dies.
  2. Just make first letter capital.
  3. Put one special character like @ # &.
  4. Now site name for which we are making password like  Tlnd@infohax
  5. In the last put, you favorite number e.g. Tlnd@infohax786.


creating a secure password

You have created password Tlnd@infohax786 which is super secure and very easy to remember the best part is you have a different password for every different website.

Now you don’t have to click on forgot password again and again. Also not have to find a unique password for every different site.

Finally few words for your social and cyber security

We know what is the importance of password in our life. You should always take it seriously. 1 small mistake can make you trouble a lot. So make your password secure and strong.

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