How to install Samsung S bike mode in any android device

Samsung has launched J3 2016 version with a feature calls Samsung S bike mode. Samsung S bike mode application provides Do not disturb option on a bike ride. Before going on How to install Samsung S bike mode in any android device let me focus on features of Samsung S bike mode.

Samsung S bike mode

Features of Samsung S bike mode


Call during bike ride can be cause of accident

Focusing on this warning Samsung has given an option of S bike mode in J3 2016 addition. Just you have to turn on S bike mode option before going on the ride. When anyone calls you while riding this application will reject that call and send him a text message that I’m riding on the bike I can’t attend your call.  You can customize your message.

What If that call is important for me???

If the call is very important then the caller can reply 1 then your mobile will start vibrating. You can go on the side and attend that call.

You can set the important contacts in this application so your mobile will vibrate when they make the call.

Is S bike mode is just for Samsung?

No, you can install S bike mode on any android device. There is a free application Smart bike mode Auto Responder which provide all the features of Samsung S bike mode in any device. You can say Samsung provides Smart bike mode Auto Responders’s  features in J3 and other devices.

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How to install Samsung S bike mode in any android device

Smart bike mode


Here is the simple method to install Samsung galaxy S bike mode. Just install the application from here Smart bike mode Auto ResponderYou can setup message which caller will receive when your Smart bike mode will one.

You can add an important contact or white list. When you will receive a call from that contact added to your white list your phone will automatically vibrate without sending the message. After this small setup, you can always turn on Smart bike mode before riding a bike. This app works fine on all the android devices.

Note: Smart bike mode Autoresponder in is not official app of Samsung

Final words on Smart Bike mode

Call during riding bike can drop your concentration and also can cause an accident. This small application can be very useful everyone who daily ride a bike.

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